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About Channel-11 

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ch11As company of wireless internet service provider which attends since September 2003 in southern of Bali Island, PT. Cakra Lintas Nusantara with brand is CHANNEL-11, make hard work to give service in technological exploiting of wireless effective and rely on alternative band of communications and multimedia data.

The purpose to make Bali Wide Area Network, Channel-11 will develop some hotspot in some place as in housing area, shopping centre, hotel / villa, and also some public facility, to give high flexibility and mobility for client in enjoying to access the internet whenever it is required. Embosomed by spirit and mission to give optimal service for all internet customers during 24 hours a day and 7 days within a week, and supported by experienced local human resource in IT, Channel-11 have vision become the first WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) in technological development application and market development of wireless local area network (WLAN). As a first WISP in Bali that offering attractive packet 24 hours internet access to Low End customers and with AMACOM Computer Shop as a work partner in computer area, Channel-11 become the single WISP in Bali who give total service to the customers, start from consultancy / hardware service until nowadays technological application such as Voice Over Internet protocol (VOIP).

Creativity, speed, hard work, and sincerity are a culture which we inculcate and growth in our company. Care of customers concerning post service sell and reliabilities in matter of access already have paid attention and improved in all resource owned.




  • Have Multiple Backbone To Internet.
  • Have Multiple Backbone To Local IX.
  • Wide Coverage Ares
  • Use Fiber and Wireless Link for Your redundant

Our Wireless Coverage

• Jimbaran • Ungasan • Purigading  • Sawangan  • Ubung 
• Nusa Dua • Kuta • Seminyak  • Kerobokan   • Ubud  
• Canggu • Dalung • Denpasar • Gatsu
• Batu Bulan • Sanur • Ketewel • Pabean

Channell-11 Point Of Presence (POP)

1. POP Jimbaran Backbone Capacity 1 Gbps

2. POP Ungasan Backbone Capacity 150 Mbps

3. POP Purigading Backbone Capacity 150 Mbps

4. POP KUTA Backbone Capacity 1 Gbps

5. POP Seminyak Backbone Capacity 150 Mbps

6. POP Denpasar Backbone Capacity 1 Gbps

7. POP Tukad Balian Backbone Capacity 80 Mbps

8. POP Kerobokan Backbone Capacity 150 Mbps

9. POP Dalung Backbone Capacity 150 Mbps

10. POP Gatsu Backbone Capacity 20 Mbps

11. POP Sayan Ubud Backbone Capacity 10 Mbps

12. POP Sanur Backbone Capacity 100 Mbps
13. POP Pura Segara Backbone Capacity 100 Mbps
14. POP Ubung Backbone Capacity 50 Mbps

Channel-11 Internet Exchange Backbone

We Have Multiple Backbone to Internet

AS24206 IPv4 Peer Chart

Channel-11 Indonesian Internet Exhange Backbone

License & Member

PT. Cakra Lintas Nusantara

Member OF APJII (Indonesian Internet Service Provider Association)



Wireless Access Point


Wireless Station

14 POP

Point Of Presence


Domain Hosted



Our survey team will do survey on site to make sure our service coverage area. What we do when survey on site is as follows ~ Explanation more details product ~ Find possible location to put pole, antenna and radio receiver, router or other devices, etc


After survey on site process, our team will make schedule for installation. Installation team will come to site for installation at the time that had agreed together. Installation will take time more ore less 4 hours, depend on difficulties of works

Trial & Subscription

Finishing installation, we give you 3 days free trial to know our internet access performance. Also in 3 days trial we will make sure that the quality signal of the bridge receiver is good enough to deliver internet access. After finish trial, we will continue for subscription process (billing).